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Winamaz is a WordPress plugin developed for your Amazon affliate site.

You are on the demo page which allows you to review the functionality offered by Winamaz

Winamaz, the wordpress affiliate plugin that (really) works for you 🙂

How does it work? You enter an Amazon Asin code, or a keyword in our powerful search engine, and… that’s ALL!

Winamaz will AUTOMATICALLY find the product and will supply the prices every day. Thanks to the various shortcodes, it integrates perfectly and quickly into your site.

Undoubtedly the best plugin for your Amazon affiliate site

<strong>Automatic power</strong>
Winamaz takes care of everything automatically. Price and availability of the products are checked. All you have to do is validate your site. You select the products either with the ASIN code (Amazon) or a keyword search. The prices are then updated automatically.
<strong>Boxes designed for simple conversion</strong>
Each of our shortcodes has been approved by our users and beta testers for several years. The designs are clean and modern, and you can easily adapt them to your site without knowing .
<strong>The most powerful filters</strong>
Winamaz is easy to set up and offers you a multitude of configurations and filters to create your own boxes. A box generator is available on each of your pages in WordPress. You can create your boxes easily and intuitively , and add specific tracking IDs to each product box. For those who want advanced filters, you can check this page.
<strong>Easily track out-of-stock products</strong>
What could be more annoying than to realize that your pages obsolete or out-of-stock products for months? … It’s hard for website editors to keep all their pages up to date. We have you covered thanks to Winamaz Stock. This feature , allows you to monitor and receive by email each day the pages of your site that display out of stock products. Of course, this module is fully customizable depending on your needs.

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